Welcome to Graphicutils

Software graphic utilities for manipulating and combining images. They all run on windows 7 and 10.


Merge the two images in many different ways. No need to worry about relative positioning or image size/scaling differences. Batch merge files from a directory with a single image file of your choice. Useful to watermark all your images in just one hit.


Create surreal images by exploding, imploding, nudging and twisting any part of the picture. Merge in parts of other images without any visible join. Other features include a pencil draw effect, color blushing, segmenting, embossing, contor line banding, inverse brightness and other distortion effects.
Merge and Contort have been independently tested by common antivirus programs and found to be completely free. of any form of malware, spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. To verify authenticity of these claims please visit their pages from the links above.

Other free windows software available: 'Allfactor' a number puzzle game.

A variant of Allfactor is available as an Android phone app, you can search for and download it from google play store.

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