About Graphicutils

I formed Graphicutils.com back in the year 2000 with the intention of producing various unusual graphic utilities for windows. My main back ground is R & D electronics with a smattering of low level software PLD's and the like. However I always had an interest in developing experimental software as a private enterprise and so Graphicutils (AKA "venning") was born.

It started with the program 'contort' which features image warping and optional part blending of an underlying image. More of a fun program, producing hilarious wacky images of strange beasts - example: one part of an animal merged/morphed with part of another animal. If anything is best described with pictures this is it!

The popular freeware program 'merge' soon followed which allows flexible overlaying of two images. Lots of interest is continuing to be shown in its batch merging feature. Many suggestions for improvements roll in to the present day.

A more recent non-graphic addition is the number puzzle game 'Allfactor'. This is based on finding factors of semi-prime numbers.

I want to continue developing and upgrading programs like this and will do so thanks to all the useful comments and suggestions that have come since 2000.

Philip Haydon

Email venning@graphicutils.com with any comments or suggestions but use the program name in the subject line please.