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Installing: Do I have to register and get drizzled with follow up emails? No not at all, there is no communication unless you purposely email me for a response to something.
Uninstall: Likewise any follow up from removing this program? Again no - simple. Also there are no remaining running artefacts waiting to bother you in the future.
What does Contort do with my computer? Contort does not affect any part of your computer except for the registry where it stores file path names and configuration information pertaining to Contort such as start up window size. Contort does not interfere with or monitor any other activity within your computer. (Naturally file-saving will result in a new image file being generated and saved, or batch merging that will generate many image files).
How does Contort interact with the internet? There is no interaction with the internet and Contort does not try to "phone home" for updates or data collection or anything else. It does however allow looking at the Graphicutils website if you press the button in help - about.
Could Contort be tainted with malware, deliberate or otherwise When Contort is released in the wild, a number of reputable host sites run exhaustive checks on the actual file and report on it. This report is available for anyone to see. It is in my interest to put links to these reports on this website. There is nowhere to hide!
Is it possible that Contort could be wrapped with an installer from another company for their own purposes? This can happen from certain sites that host the file and are out of my control. I would recommend you avoid these as they can be a cover for installing other "nefarious" software
I have discovered a bug and want to report it. Just email me with details of the problem and I will fix it ASAP.

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If you have any problems then email me quoting the name of this program at

Put the name of this program somewhere in the subject line to get my attention over and above all of the junk!