Gallery 2

These pictures are generated from two sources, only one of which is copied to the destination. Portions of the other source (the eyes and mouth) are merged in using the portion-merge buttons.

The 1st is a typical example of flipping the destination, copying back to source 2 then appropriate portion merging back to the destination. Can you see the join ?

The 2nd is a combination of merging with infinite contrast with different levels after copying back to both sources. Finally the RGB brightness controls were adjusted.

The right picture is generated as follows:

  1. Load source 1
  2. Transfer to destination
  3. Copy to source 2 with the 'D->2' button
  4. slightly scroll source 2
  5. merge source 1 and 2 to the destination
The left is generated like the right but with more iterations.

Further examples like the first picture

A humanoid is formed from brocolli and a fork and weird animal which has been contorted and blushed.

The apple is also mangled and tinted to look like wood. The face is portion-merged into abstract graphics generated only by CONTORT.

Again these pictures are mangled with various combinations of nudge, twist and implosion/explosion.