S_Merge history of upgrades.

New to Version 1.5
  • In the align window there are more visual clues such as arrowing when manipulating images.
  • There are new black on white nudge arrows which when clicked will nudge the image by a number of pixels set in a menu.
  • A new collage image utility allows automatic positioning of the images in rows and columns. Number of rows and columns can be set as well as the gap between images.
  • Now can set opacity and transparency with the whole or part of a source image.
  • There is only one merge dialog box with improvements in the different options of merging images.
New to Version 1.4

Version 1.4 has been completely redesigned. There have been so many changes such as look and feel and introduction of so many new features that it is not worthwhile comparing it to previous versions below.

Please look at the main home page to see all the main details.

New to Version 1.3
  • Introduced an option of overlaying dotted and/or solid grid patterns on the image.
  • Able to abort lengthy processing by pressing the space bar.
  • Cursor x,y position display in the status bar now is referenced from bottom-left.
  • In edit menu: copying scale/width/height of one source to the other will remove the positional offset between them.
  • Fixed the bug where shrinking the height of the align window to nothing caused a divide-by-zero crash.
New to Version 1.2
  • Introduction of Cylindrical projection distortion (panoramic view).
  • Modified merge and brightness/contrast controls to use slider bars.
  • Removed the bug where deleting a source image with one or more target dialog boxes opened caused a crash.
  • Removed the bug where file save was still possible with one or both source images deleted.
New to Version 1.1
  • Introduction of pixel anti-aliasing software when rotating and scaling the image.
  • New snap to grid of 1, 5,10, and 16 pixels when setting crop zone rectangle.
  • Now able to copy height, width or both from one source image to another in the Align window.