Registration / Distribution

The unregistered version of the software has the file-saved image and print output watermarked. The program is released as an evaluation copy, redistribution to a third party is allowed; anyone can try it.

The registration fee which when sent will allow us to send you a registration key in less than 24 hours which when entered will disable the watermarking when printing or saving the image to a file.

Registration is worthwhile as it provides motivation for the author to add new and powerful features to the program and you the customer can benefit from this.

How to buy

If you decide you like the program and wish to purchase it the following explains the sequence of events to follow.

1 Order through Shareit by pressing this button --->.
Make payment with the currency of your choice.

2 Once you have purchased S_Merge a registration key will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

3 Run the S_Merge program and in the menu select 'Help' and 'About S_Merge...' and this box will appear.

4 Enter the registration key in the box exactly - it is case sensitive.

5 Press Ok and then shutdown S_Merge.

6 Restart S_Merge and the watermark will have disappeared.