S_Merge V1.5 FAQ's

Question Answer
Is it possible to load just one image as I am not interested in merging images, I wish to use the facilities in the source window on that one image? Just load this one image then load text with a single character. This text counts as source 2 and will be seen in the Align Window. Make sure that your wanted source image completely overlays the text. In the Target Window select 'Merge Sources' and send the text source 2 to the bottom layer where it will disappear.
I wish to surround my target image with my favorite border from another image? Load your other bordered image into a source window and make the image contents within it transparent. In the Align Window scale the bordered image so that the border surrounds all of the other images.
Can I realign the images after blending them in the Target Window ? Yes you can by going back to the Align Window. This action will invalidate the image in the target window. S_Merge will remind you to update it.
Can the source images can be placed anywhere, be any size and orientation? Yes, they can be placed next to each other, one on top or completely or partially overlaid. They don't even have to touch as a minimum, there can be a gap in between.
What is the back ground color of the base? There is an option in the target menu to set this color.
Can I set a margin and its color around all images before saving? Yes you can set width and height and color of margins.
How many image formats can S_Merge handle ? File types when opening a source or saving the target are: bmp, jpeg, png, tiff, tga, and pcx.
Can I merge an image with itself in a different position? Yes you can, just load the same image twice using File-Open or pressing the load image button (but not with the MRU). Try mirroring one of the images.
Reducing the size of the Align Window causes S_Merge to complain by reporting 'This align window is too small - please increase the size' whats the problem? This is a warning not an error. It is there to prevent 'masking' of certain buttons or flytips by other features on the screen. You can safetly ignore this warning if you wish.