Examples of a single source image

All of the commands for the features below (excepting merge and portion-merge) can be found in the destination menu.

This command emulates a pencil drawn image.

This command switches light/dark areas for dark/light areas while maintaining the same color information.

This comand converts a picture to back and white.

This command found inside the special effects feature, scatters the pixels within adjustable boundaries. In this example the picture was scattered then sent back to create a new source 2 picture. The Merge command was then selected with only source 2 being copied to the destination. Finally a portion of the cats head from source 1 was portion-merged back to the destination.

In this example the cat was inverted in the destination and sent back to source 2. Merge was selected with only source 1 to the destination. Similar to the above, portions of source 2 were merged in to the destination.