Purchase of CONTORT

The unregistered version of the software has file-save disabled. The program is released as an evaluation copy, redistribution to a third party is allowed; anyone can try it.

The registration fee of $18 which when sent will allow us to send you a registration key which when entered will enabling file saving and printing without the watermarking

Registration is worthwhile as it provides motivation for the author to add new and powerful features to the program and you the customer can benefit from these FREE UPDATES FOR THE LIFE OF THE CONTORT PROJECT !!!.

Order through Shareit

Once you have purchased CONTORT a registration key will be emailed to you immediately.
Run the program CONTORT and select 'about contort'.
Enter the registration key exactly and the watermarking of file saving will be removed after your next session of CONTORT.

If you have any problems then contact me: venning@graphicutils.com and I will be glad to help.
Please quote the name of this program in the subject line.