S_Merge Support for version 1.6

S_Merge V1.6 is about to be released

Please ensure that you have the correct version installed on your computer before attempting to purchase it. If you have the wrong version then you can download it from this website.

When you receive the registration code just goto Help -> About S_Merge in the program as shown here.

Enter the code exactly in the box provided. Note that alpha characters are case sensitive.

Keep the registration code somewhere safe as you will need it again when upgrading to a newer free upgrade in the future.

Beware of entering something else in the box at a later date. If you do S_Merge will become 'unregistered'. If you do this then simply re-insert the correct code and S_Merge will become registered again.

What can go wrong

The registration key only works with the latest version of S_Merge, if you have an earlier version download from the front page. Running a mismatched version will reveal the watermark on the images.

Do not download S_Merge from unauthorised sites as it can come with extra baggage such as a virus. If you are in any doubt then download it from this website.

If all else fails then email Venning with your problem. I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Check out the FAQ page for typical technical questions and answers.