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Welcome to S_Merge V1.6

A very versatile image graphic editor that runs on: Windows 7, 10

Batch combine and merging, perspective / affine transforms, visual effects, collage or montage images, watermarking images and more


Typical examples of the use of S_Merge

Pre-Processing commands

You can optionally make any combination of any number of pre-processing adjustments to the individual 'source' images prior to merging, batch merging, batch processing (one-file-at-a-time), collaging or to just one image.

Each source image can have its own unique sequence and number of commands.



Images can be blended on a per-pixel basis:

This example was generated by selecting 'darkest' above. The bird was on a white background, and the image was smaller than the flower image. Small sections of the flower image were also made transparent behind the bird.

Batch processing/merging

Probably the most powerful aspect of S_Merge, this allows automatic and repetitive application of any or all of the features above on many image files.

Send Target to Source

There is an option to send the completed target image to a new or existing 'source' image.

This allows merging of any number of images.

Interesting 'echo' effects seen by putting spin and scaling on a source and repeatedly sending the target back to the same source.

Registering S_Merge ensures free updates and support !!!!

Download S_Merge v1.6 ====> 32 bit version
SHA256 checksum:

Download S_Merge v1.6 ====> 64 bit version
SHA256 checksum:

Registration for one version is registration for both.

The 64 bit version will run much faster and is able to generate far larger target images.

S_Merge antivirus report at Download Software S_Merge video tutorial at "100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia" Windows 7 Compatible - Windows 7 Download Windows 10 Compatible - Windows 10 Download
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